12 June 2024
Russia migrates to border areas after repeated attacks by Ukraine 0

Russia migrates to border areas after repeated attacks by Ukraine 0

(Dan Tri) - The Governor of Russia's Belgorod region pledged to help people relocate to ensure safety after Ukraine's recent attacks on this Russian border region.

(Dan Tri) – The Governor of Russia’s Belgorod region pledged to help people relocate to ensure safety after Ukraine’s recent attacks on this Russian border region.

Cars caught fire after Ukraine’s raid on the Russian city of Belgorod on December 30 (Photo: Telegram).

Belgorod, a Russian border region located in northern Ukraine, has recently witnessed continuous raids by Kiev.

Ukraine has repeatedly targeted Russia’s border areas since the conflict broke out, but December 30’s attack could be considered the most serious and took place just one day after a major Russian airstrike yet.

A local resident shared: `People noticed a war going on and has spread to Belgorod, maybe not the first time but the most serious and scary.`

Commenting on these people’s concerns, Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said he had seen requests on social networks such as: `We are very scared, please help us get to a safe place.`

`Of course we will assist. Some families have been evacuated. We will do everything we can,` he pledged.

He added that his office had previously relocated a number of households in the Shebekinsky district, which was seriously affected by the shelling.

This is the first time a local Belgorod official publicly talked about the relocation of a part of the population affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Mr. Gladkov said that any local resident concerned about his or her family’s safety can contact the authorities and announce their willingness to move somewhere else.

He added that on January 5, buses were waiting to transport people to the cities of Stary Oskol and Gubkin, where there are `warmer and safer rooms`.

Stary Oskol is about 140km from Belgorod, while Gubkin is about 120km away.

`You can stay there as long as you like. If there is not enough space in the temporary accommodation centers, we will contact the authorities of other regions so they can help us,` Mr. Gladkov

The governor added that he had received dozens of calls from colleagues in neighboring regions offering to help all Belgorod residents.

Sharing about the difficult situation in Belgorod, a restaurant owner doing business here said that his business became sluggish due to the conflict.

According to observers, Ukraine’s raid on Russia’s border areas was intended to put psychological pressure on Moscow, making people here feel that the war had spread to Russia.

In a related development, Ukraine’s intelligence agency said that on January 5, their commandos destroyed a Russian military camp in Belgorod.

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