12 June 2024
The President of Ukraine warned of the risk of losing the war 0

The President of Ukraine warned of the risk of losing the war 0

(Dan Tri) - Ukraine's President warned US lawmakers that Kiev will fail without Washington's help.

(Dan Tri) – Ukraine’s President warned US lawmakers that Kiev will fail without Washington’s help.

A soldier of the Ukrainian armed forces (Photo: Reuters).

Speaking after meeting with President Volodymyr Zelensky during his visit to Ukraine on February 23, US Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer made a proposal to extend US aid to Kiev.

`Everyone we met, from President Zelensky on down, made this point clear: If Ukraine gets aid, it will win the war and defeat Russia. But if it doesn’t get aid, it will certainly

On his first visit to Ukraine, Mr. Schumer went with a group of Democratic lawmakers.

`We think we can present strong, concrete evidence of why Ukraine might lose the war, or withdraw from the war,` Mr. Schumer said, referring to Kiev’s recent withdrawal of troops

The majority leader in the US Senate continued to emphasize the Ukrainian army’s serious lack of ammunition, and pledged to bring this issue back to the US Congress and pressure Ukraine to receive more aid.

Last October, US President Joe Biden asked Congress to pass a budget package worth about 106 billion USD, including more than 60 billion USD for aid to Kiev.

In December, the Chief of Staff of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, said that if the US Congress does not approve further military aid, Ukraine will find it difficult to regain more territory from Russia and risks losing the war.

The US and its allies have continuously provided military, financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine since Russia launched a special military campaign in February 2022.

However, the war dragged on while Ukraine’s counter-offensive failed to achieve a breakthrough, along with fluctuations in the political arena, causing the West’s willingness to provide aid to gradually decrease.

Western media such as Bloomberg and the Financial Times also recently published opinions saying that US officials and their allies seem to be starting to consider the scenario that Russia could win in Ukraine.

The US-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) sees continued Western aid as the only way to help Ukraine prevent Moscow from achieving its special military campaign goals.

President Joe Biden recently warned that without timely aid from the US, Ukraine could lose additional cities after the fall of Avdiivka.

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